Paul's Crossfire & More


On this site you can see pictures, videos, and read about crossfires.  The site works as a library to find those hard-to-find parts and even modifications that local shops never seen done on a Crossfire before.  On the above menu you will find many more pages to this site (Parts, performance and more).
I'm bringing this info to the top. Think V8 Crossfire MB engine! Ok keep reading. When you are done see my 700 hp Porsche and the start of the Racing Club from we all know it from video games, Moroso Palm Beach International Raceway at #autocross championship

2004 Chrysler Crossfire (daily driver)

14 Awards

3 Media Appearances

2 Speed Records

Autocross winner 

Stay tuned for all the 2021 updates. New mods will be posted!

link to upcoming mods and changes to the car:

Rebuilt for auto cross, SCCA and Hagerty Track days

Autocross video Palm Beach International Championship Series 2020 (video loudness alert)