Paul's Crossfire & More


Paul's Crossfire now has this web store that consists of my unneeded parts for others to take advantage of and a few discoverys that Paul has made since getting the Crossfire in 2005. 

The new car enthusists club in Palm Beach, Florida called The Race Club by Superti Racing is the provider of these rare carbon fiber parts. Paul called in an expert to provide a seminar and work shop on crafting carbon fiber panels. Now since some parts for the Crossfire has been discontinued and are no longer available new, the club members agreed to make the parts as a fundraiser to attend track events in 2021.  As an example the SCCA Time Trials in Sebring is on top of the list. It costs $150 per member on top of the SCCA membership cost. The club membership and track calendar is located at

Although we have 2x2 cf pattern the guys want to stick with plain weaven in order not to distort the lines. As an example, the new windshield surround underneath is made from plain weaven cf. Let us know in the notes once you pay what pattern you need to have. Or it will be in plain weaven. Thx enjoy.


All triple double