Paul's Crossfire & More


3M Carbon fiber wrap on the body with gloss black roof, spoiler and fender louvre.

Interior restoration: Paint ordered by vin number with the dealership
Vent from 2001 SLK 320
Sagging headliner fix:
locally it coasted $130 for a black cloth liner that matches the new seats.

a helpful video on the repair is fond here:

Restoration project:
As a Crossfire that sold summer 2003 the car showed age and the engine bay had suffered marks and scratches from working under the hood. I used high heat engine paint under the hood and it looks great without the heat shield. The outer edges are done in Gloss BLK with clear coat. Now the hood does match the new car finish mate BLK.
This engine cover comes from the SLK and needed a small trim for the radiator hoze.